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Notify only ½ working

Added by Daniel Kempton over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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The Notify function is only partially working for me. While the name appears in the treebar under Notify when they logon, the nick does not drop off when that nick had dropped off the IRC server, and right clicking on Notify and choosing update does not do anything.

This has been on going for at least a month. It was in the 11/2 beta. and still exists in the 11/30 beta.


Updated by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

On what network does this happen?

Does File -> Rawlog show the user going offline message?


Updated by Sarah Buettner over 4 years ago

I have noticed similar behavior when connecting through a bouncer (a psyBNC, in my case)

Notified users coming online are not displayed in the UI until you do a plain /notify to refresh the list (altho this happens on mIRC, too, so it's probably a BNC issue)

If a user disconnects, even doing a /notify will NOT refresh the UI list. it'll give you an output saying "No one in your notify list is on IRC" but the UI will still display the disconnected user as being online. This seems to be AdiIRC specific issue, because while mIRC also needs a manual /notify to refresh, the UI properly updates.

Now, the lack of automatic updates is probably related to my rather poor BNC, however, once I manually refresh the list, the UI should properly display things.

It functions properly when connecting directly to the server in question.

I have given up getting any client to properly work with this particular BNC anyway, but I thought I'd share some additionals on this.


Updated by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

AdiIRC asks the IRC server whether users are online or offline, the BNC server should not interfere with that, I'll see if I can setup a psyBNC to test (I recommend switching to ZNC though).

There are currently 3 different Notify system supported by AdiIRC, some networks support 1, some 2, some none, some networks does not adhere to the standard, so it would help a lot if I knew which specific networks has the problem so I can test it myself, if concerned about privacy, please email it to me at .


Updated by Sarah Buettner over 4 years ago

I just tested that specifically to narrow it down. Last test was on Quakenet and it was the same behavior I described above. Also tested on Rizon, same thing.

I'm just renting the BNC for a few cents in addition to some voiceservers I'm renting, so unfortunately I'm unable to fiddle around with the BNC config outside of general settings.


Updated by Sarah Buettner over 4 years ago

Okay...some more testing, I believe I narrowed it down a bit more. More and more seems to be connected to the BNC.

Bit hard to explain in text. If I disconnect the BNC from all networks, reconnect the BNC session and then add the server again (so the BNC itself reconnects) notify works as intended as long as I keep that session active.

Once I disconnect from the BNC and then reconnect, It starts showing the above behavior again. So I don't think this a particular AdiIRC issue and rather a fault with my garbo BNC.

It still works absolutely flawless for me, when directly connecting any network. Be interesting to know if Daniel has this happening on direct connections or is using a BNC, as well.


Updated by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

Thanks, that is very interesting, specially since it seems to work until reconnect, maybe psyBNC caches the list or something, I will look into that and see what's going on and whether it's possible to bypass/fix.


Updated by Sarah Buettner over 4 years ago

What I find curious is that, even after manually updating the list, offline users are still displayed in the UI. I don't know why that would happen, since the text output says there's nobody online, so the client seems aware of it. THAT, in particular, seems like it's an issue of AdiIRC, as mIRC does not show that particular behavior.


Updated by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

I setup a psyVNC server then added Quakenet as the server.

I then added a nick to the notify list, connected that nick, verified the nick appeared in the Notify list after the notify check runs (runs every minute) then disconnected the nick and verified the nick was removed from the Notify list after the notify check runs again.

I then reconnected to psyBNC and performed the same tests again, and it still worked.

This was on the latest beta though.

psyBNC does not seem to interfere with the notify requests, I can see them all in File -> Rawlog.


Updated by Per Amundsen almost 4 years ago

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I have been looking into this on and off, decided to rewrite how the Treebar is interacting with Notify, I am pretty confident it is working as expected now.

If you want to test, there is a test build at


Updated by Per Amundsen almost 4 years ago

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