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WACUP not working with Winamp-plugin

Added by Tobias Braun over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I'm trying to get the "Now playing" feature running with AdiIRC, which works fine with the original Winamp-release.

I now cleanly removed everything (with the exception of having used a registry cleaner) and reinstalled WACUP.

There is a special option to create a legacy file for making plugins work in other programs (AdiIRC in my case) under Options > Preference > Advanced > Options Page 2 > Playlist Compatibility which I had checked before and which is checked now.

I installed WACUP under C:\Program Files (x86)\winamp\ and set both paths in AdiIRC accordingly.


WACUP.PNG (30.5 KB) WACUP.PNG Settings used for installation of WACUP Tobias Braun, 08/28/2021 09:52 PM
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Updated by Tobias Braun over 2 years ago

I created a thread about it in the WACUP-community:

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Updated by Per Amundsen over 2 years ago

The m3u file is only searched if the proper plugins are installed and winamp is set as the current media player and winamp is running. There is one plugin for adiirc and one for winamp, Interop.ActiveWinamp.dll for adiirc and gen_activewa.dll for winamp.

the gen_activewa.dll must be registered with the regsvr32 command, AdiIRC tries to install and set all of this up when you change media player to winamp. It uses the path for winamp set in Options -> Media player to put the plugin in the correct place, but it can be a little buggy since winamp has to be closed etc.

The plugin might not work on this fork, if necessary it can be downloaded here and the adiirc plugin here

Note: gen_activewa.dll was made by someone else not related to AdiIRC.

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Updated by Per Amundsen over 2 years ago

Another quick note, the adiirc winamp plugin is not a plugin you will find in Menubar -> File -> Plugins, it just needs to be in the config folder and AdiIRC will automatically use it when necessary, the problems are usually with gen_activewa.dll which needs to be in winamppath\plugins\genactivewa.dll and registered in that path with regsvr32.exe.

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Updated by Per Amundsen over 2 years ago

Got curious, installed WACUP, my m3u file was called winamp.m3u8, everything seems to work fine including searching from the ctrl + j dialog.

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Updated by Tobias Braun over 2 years ago

Everything is working fine on my side now; I simply disabled the plugin and re-enabled it by switching over to Winamp again and then it worked!

Wasn't a problem of AdiIRC or WACUP after all, so can be closed.

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Updated by Per Amundsen over 2 years ago

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Excellent, glad you figured it out.


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