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Editbox does not use set Font

Added by Myles D 3 months ago. Updated 25 days ago.

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Windows 10


I have all Fonts in the program set to use Segoe UI at Size 9, including the Editbox. It works for all other areas, but the Editbox does not respect this setting. By default, it writes all text in the Editbox in some other font, see attached screenshot comparison. Now, when I go into the settings and change the Font, for example changing it to Size 12 and then back to Size 9, it will switch properly to Segoe UI. But it only does it for the current tab. And when I restart the client, the Font choice is again reverted.

So there's two bugs I can discern:

1. AdiIRC does not respect or retain the Font setting for the Editbox.
2. AdiIRC does not apply a changed setting to all Editboxes, but only the current one.

Beta build from 29. Oct 2023, but it happens in stable 4.4 also.
The screenshot shows the Editbox at the bottom and the Message log above it.


fonts.png (2.17 KB) fonts.png Myles D, 12/08/2023 02:13 PM
Fonts.png (10.2 KB) Fonts.png Myles D, 02/05/2024 09:20 AM
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Updated by Per Amundsen 3 months ago

Do you have a script that uses the /font command on a specific window?

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Updated by Myles D 3 months ago

No, I only have a script that you wrote for me some time ago for bold, italics etc. The one from here:

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Updated by Per Amundsen 3 months ago

Very odd, can you try copy your adiirc.exe to a folder somewhere and run adiirc from there to see if you can reproduce the issue with default options?

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Updated by Myles D 3 months ago

It appears that deleting the 2 DLLs from the Program and AppData directories and letting the executable re-create them (only in the AppData this time) resolves this. It also appears that these DLLs were created in older versions of the install and then just carried over. I think maybe a simple fix would be that new versions of the software just delete the DLLs an then recreate the new ones appropriately.

Am I getting this right? Anyway, it fixed it for me.

Actions #5

Updated by Per Amundsen 3 months ago

Are you referring to AdiIRCAPI and AdiIRCAPIv2?

They are bundled inside adiirc.exe and are added/updated to the adiirc folder on startup.

They don't have anything to do with the Editbox though, must have been something else.

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Updated by Myles D 25 days ago

Well, I have found more minor weirdness with fonts. I have now set every Font in the program to Segoe UI, Size 10. But there are still differences between the Menubar, and the Editbox & Messages. I don't know which one is "correct" of the two, but something is not adhering to settings properly.

At least the thing with Font choices not working right is resolved for me, though I have no idea why it wouldn't do it before and it does it now.

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Updated by Per Amundsen 25 days ago

You can try typing /setoption Misc UseOldRtb True, then restart adiirc, it will use an older version of the richtextbox (same as notepad), although some features will be unavailable.


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