Added in 1.9.0


Returns name of a hash table if it exists, or returns the name of the Nth hash table.

See also /hsave, /hload, /hmake, /hfree, /hdel, $hfind.


name|N - Name of the hashtable or If N = 0, number of hashtables, otherwise the Nth hashtable name.


.size - Returns the size of the hashtable as specified in /hmake.


; Create a hashtable.
/hmake Example

; Print number of hashtables.
//echo -ag $hget(0)

; Print name and size of the first hashtable.
//echo -ag $hget(1) - $hget(1).size

$hget(name|N, item|N, [&binvar])

Returns the data associated with an item in the specified hash table.


name|N - Name of the hashtable or the Nth hashtable name.
item|N - Name of the item or if N = 0 number of items, otherwise the Nth item.
[&binvar] - Assigns the contents of the item to a &binvar. (optional)


.data - Returns the item value.
.item - Returns the item name.
.unset - Returns number of seconds before the item is automatically removed (if set).
.hash - TODO
.state - TODO


; Create a hashtable
/hmake Example

; Add a item to the hashtable
/hadd Example ExampleItem ExampleValue

; Print number of items in the hastable.
//echo -ag $hget(Example, 0)

; Print information about the first item in the hashtable.
//echo -ag Name is $hget(Example, 1).item Value is $hget(Example, 1).data Unset at $hget(Example, 1).unset