Added in 1.9.0

/hmake [-s] <name> <N>

Creates a new hash table with N slots.

See also /hsave, /hload, /hfree, /hadd, /hdel, $hget, $hfind.


-s - Displays a creation result.


<name> - The hashtable name to create.
<N> - The initial number of hashtable items.


; call the setup once
; /example
; //echo -a $abbr(lol)
alias example {
  ;Create the table.
  /hmake abbr 1000

  ;Populate the table.
  /hadd abbr lol laughing out load
  /hadd abbr omg oh my gosh
  /hadd abbr lmao laughing my a?? off
  /hadd abbr brb be right back
; get the abbreviation
alias abbr return $hget(abbr, $1)