Added in 1.9.0

/hdel [-sw] <name> <item>

Deletes an item from a hash table.

See also /hsave, /hload, /hmake, /hfree, $hget, $hfind.


Switch Description
-s Displays the result.
-w Indicates item is a wildcard.


Parameter Description
<name> The hashtable to delete from.
<item> The hashtable item to delete.


alias example {
  ; Create a hash table
  /hadd -m example academic a

   ; Add some items to the hash table..
  /hadd example academy a
  /hadd example accelerate a
  /hadd example accelerator a
  /hadd example accept a
  /hadd example access a
  /hadd example accident a
  /hadd example because b

  ; Print number of items.
  //echo -a $hget(example, 0).item

  ; Remove everything matching wildcard 'a*'.
  /hdel -w example a*

  ; Print number of items.
  //echo -a $hget(example, 0).item

  ; Free table.
  /hfree example