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_Added in 2.9_ 


 Returns the name of the zip operation during a [[on ZIP]] or [[on UNZIP]] event. 


 *$zip(name, [N])* 

 Returns information about a zip/unzip item during a [[on ZIP]] or [[on UNZIP]] event. 

 _See also [[/zip]], [[$ziperr]], [[on ZIP]], [[on UNZIP]]._ 


 name - Name of the zip/unzip operation. (can be a [[Scripting_Wildcards|wildcard]]) wildcard) 
 [N] - The Nth matches name. 


 .name - Returns the name of zip/unzip operation. 
 .src - Returns the source file or folder. 
 .dest - Returns the destination file or folder. 
 .ratio - Returns 0, 1 or 2 where 0 = no compression, 1 = fastest compression, 2 = optimal compression. 
 .unzip - Returns [[$true]] if this is a unzip operation, otherwise [[$false]]. 


 ; Zip the entire adiirc folder into '' 
 //zip name $qt($adiircdir) 

 ; Print the zip result when then zip operation is finished. 
 on *:ZIP:echo -ag zipped $zip($zip).src into $zip($zip).dest status: $iif($ziperr,fail,ok)