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Per Amundsen, 01/15/2015 08:15 AM


This is a recompile of to make it work on 64 bit windows and to work with AdiIRC, source code is attached.

Since this is made to inject itself into the mIRC's underlying sockets, all events must be scripted to use the fish functions from the dll, some events is already added in the attached script, feel free to add more as needed.

Thanks to ParAd0x for creating this project.

How to install

Use blowfish64 on 64 bits version of windows, regardless of 32/64 bit AdiIRC (type //echo -ag $bits to verify).

Step 1. Download the attached
Step 2. Unpack into $adiircdir\Scripts\
Step 3. Type //load -rs $qt($nofile($adiircexe) $+ \Scripts\fish_10.ini)

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