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Per Amundsen, 02/02/2015 10:28 AM

General Options

Start with windows

Makes AdiIRC will auto start when windows is started.

Start minimized

Makes AdiIRC start in a minimized state, due to various reasons, the main window is shown briefly before it minimizes.

Allow only one copy of AdiIRC running.

If enabled, only one copy of AdiIRC.exe in the current folder is allowed to run.

AdiIRC.exe in other folders is ignored.

AdiIRC is always on top of other windows.

Puts AdiIRC on top of all other windows on your desktop.

This can also be toggled with the keybind CTRL + A.

Check for updates

Allows AdiIRC to check for new versions Never/Daily/Weekly/Monthly.

Include beta versions

Allows AdiIRC to check for beta versions as well as regular versions.

Beta versions is usually safe to install.

Join channels when invited

Automatically joins a channel when invited by another user.

A safer approach using a script:

on *:INVITE:#:{
  if ($input($nick want's to invite you into $chan Accept?, y, Invite) {
    /join $chan

Disable CTCP reply

Disable's all CTCP reply, such as CTCP VERSION/PING/TIME

Can also be disabled by a script (or modify the reply):

; halt all ctcp reply's.
ctcp *:*:*:halt

; halt only VERSION reply's
ctcp *:VERSION:*:halt

Keep channels open on part

Keeps the channel windows open whenever you part or are parted from a channel.

Keep channels open on kick

Keeps the channel windows open whenever you kicked from a channel.

Rejoin channels on kick

Automatically rejoins a channel if you are kicked.

Confirm closing while connected to server

When enabled, a popup dialog to confirm is shown to confirm closing AdiIRC is one or more servers is connected.

Confirm disconnecting when clicking connect icon

When enabled, a popup dialog to confirm is shown when clicking the (dis)connect icon in the toolbar, if the current server is connected.

Confirm closing server and channel windows

When enabled, a popup dialog to confirm is shown when closing a server or channel window.

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