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Per Amundsen, 04/27/2016 03:13 AM

Getting Involved

If you want to help make AdiIRC better, here is some things you can do.

Learn to make and share scripts

Users are always looking for new cool scripts or help creating scripts.

Learn to make and share plugins

Plugins are much more powerful than scripts and have the entire .NET framework behind it.

Create and share color themes

There is a lot of options for customising AdiIRC, sharing a color theme/options is a great way to let other users get started.


You could help translate AdiIRC into your native language, it doesn't have to be perfect, translating can be done at

Writing Documentation/Guides

Creating guides to follow or documenting some specific behaviour can be very helpful for other users.

Find and report bugs

Reporting and fixing bugs is very important and helps everybody.

Suggesting new features

If you can think of a feature other clients have and AdiIRC is missing, feel free to suggest it.

Help other users

Hang around #adiirc on or the forum to help answer questions.

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