Images are not downloaded through the proxy options unless the "Use proxy" option below is enabled.

Inline Images

Up to 5 links is allowed per message, duplicates in a message are removed.

All links are matches against a whitelist of wildcards or regular expressions when enclosed in a // pattern.

See also /inlineimage.

Use inline images

Enable or disable Inline Images support.

When the support is disabled, all inline images is removed from all text buffers.

NB: Windows in the include/exclude list ignores this options.

Use animate gifs

Enable or disable animated gifs support.

When the support is disabled, all gifs will stop animating and show the first frame as a static image.

Use proxy

If enabled, the proxy associated with the current server or the global proxy server will be used when downloading images.

Max file size

Changes the maximum file/image size to download.

Max file cache size

Sets the maximum size of the cache folder where images are downloaded to, the folder is located in $adiircdir\Cache\Preview.

AdiIRC will periodically clean the folder to match the max cache size.

Max number of lines

Sets the maximum lines of text using the current font the image can occupy before being resized.

The images keeps their aspect ration when resized, resizing by width is not supported, so a very wide image could be cut off.

Clear Cache

Removes all inline images in all windows and deletes all the files in the inline image cache folder.

Use Windows temp folder

Use the windows temp folder as cache folder instead of a custom folder.

Download from links with matching wildcard/regex patterns

List of allowed patterns to match with links.

A pattern is considered a regular expression if enclosed with the "/" character, e.g /pattern/.

Wildard Example

Matching using various wildcard pattern.*

Regex Example

Matching using various regex pattern.


Matching any image on any hostname using a regex pattern.

Patterns are only matching against links already captured by AdiIRC.

Disable inline images for channel/private windows

Channels or users windows excluded from downloading images.

Per server settings can be added using network:#channel syntax.

Always inline images for channel/private windows

Always download images for some channels/users windows.

Per server settings can be added using network:#channel syntax.

These windows ignores/overrides the "Use inline images" option.

Ignoring images from specific users

There is a Inline Images flag when adding a ignore in Options -> Ignore.

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