Nick Colors Options

See also /cnick.

Use random nick colors

Enable or disable random nick colors.

Random nick colors does not work for your own nick, only remote nicks: You can create a nick color rule using $me to set your own nick color.

Use extended color list

If enabled, the random nick color will be a full $rgb value (instead of just color 0-99), and if the color is to close to the background color, it will be inverted.

Note: miRC colors 16-35 will be reserved for event colors in this case and not look the same as other clients. $color will also return different values.

See also Extra Colors.

Color based on hostname

If enabled, the random color will be based on the user hostname instead of nick, if no hostname is available, it will revert to nick. If hostname is found later, it will change the random color.


Enable nickcolors for messages, Nicklist or both.

Enable nick colors

Enable or disable nick colors.

Color entire line

[42:42] <Nick2> Writing some text

[42:42] <Nick2> Writing some text

Color nicks in messages

If enabled, matching channel nicks in messages will be shown using their nick color.

Nick color list

Add/Edit Nickcolor Dialog

Nick color priority

The priority for which a nick color is applied.

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