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Per Amundsen, 08/09/2017 01:08 AM

Nicklist Options

See also /nicklist.

Allow selecting multiple nicks without pressing CTRL/SHIFT

If enabled, selected nicks will not be deselected when clicking other nicks.
If disabled, selected nicks will be deselected unless CTRL or SHIFT is pressed.

Strip status prefix

If enabled, prefix/channel mode characters (@%+) will not be drawn in the Nicklist.

Your prefix follows status color

If enabled, your prefix/channel mode color will follow the global prefix/channel mode color instead of "Your" color.



Show Nicklist buttons

Enables or disables the Nicklist buttons.

Buttons can be changed from Menubar -> Tools -> Edit Nicklist Buttons.


If enabled, Nicklist will automatically hide it self when the mouse leaves and show it self when the mouse enters.

Use custom prefix colors

If enabled, prefix/channel modes will be drawn in the colors set in Options -> Colors.



Show Tooltips

If enabled, hovering a nick in the Nicklist will show a Tooltip Text.

Lock Nicklist

If enabled, Nicklist will be locked to avoid accidental resize.

Show Scrollbar

If enabled, shows vertical scrollbar in the Nicklist, if set to Autohide, scrollbar will be hidden until you either mousescroll or hover at the right border of the Nicklist.

Show user count

If enabled, will show the number of channel operators and total users at the top of the Nicklist.

Tooltip Text

Text to show when Show Tooltips is enabled.

The Tooltip Text will be evaluated and can contain identifiers.


Moves the Nicklist left, right or turns if off.

This options can be changed per channel in the Treebar/Switchbar menu.


Set the nicklist size.

When changed, all custom Nicklist sizes will be reset.

Sort By

Sort the Nicklist by prefix/channel mode or alphabetically.

Pixel spacing

Adds or reduces the space between each nick in the Nicklist.

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