See here for native DLL support.

See for more about plugins.

Added in 1.8

/plugins [-luixo] [filename]

With no switches, opens or focuses the Plugin Manager dialog.


-l - Loads a installed plugin file.
-u - Unloads a loaded plugin file. (Plugin file is still locked until AdiIRC is closed)
-i - Installs a new plugin to the plugin folder.
-x - Uninstalls a installed plugin in the plugin folder.
-o - Used with -i, allows overwriting a installed plugin, if the plugin is not loaded.


[filename] - Filename/path of the plugin.


; Installs the plugin 'MyPlugin.dll' from the folder 'C:\User<\Nick\Desktop' to the Plugins folder.
/plugins -i C:\User<\Nick\Desktop\MyPlugin.dll

; Loads 'MyPlugin.dll'
/plugins -l MyPlugin.dll