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Per Amundsen, 12/04/2015 04:54 AM


Key Description
ALT + 1-9 Switches window to selected number
ALT + Z Closes current window
CTRL + W Closes current window
ALT + F4 Closes application
ALT + PAGEDOWN Scrolls messages down
ALT + PAGEUP Scrolls messages up
CTRL + SPACE Opens contextmenu in inputbox/topicbox/script editor
ALT + ENTER Adds a newline in inputbox
ALT + UP/DOWN Scrolls up/down in inputbox message history even if multiline
ALT + END Scrolls messages to bottom
ALT + UP Scrolls up in inputbox message history
ALT + DOWN Scrolls down in inputbox message history
CTRL + UP Scrolls up one line
CTRL + DOWN Scrolls down one line
ALT + TAB Performes Tabcomplete on /commands, nicks, #channels, %variables and $identifiers
CTRL + J Open a Winamp playlist search
CTRL + copy text from text buffer will copy the color/font formatting
SHIFT + starting AdiIRC will bypass any autoconnect servers and show the quick connect dialog
SHIFT + TAB Cycles through inputbox, userlist, topicbox, searchbox
CTRL + D Toggles window attachment
ALT + X Toggles window maximized status
ALT + A Toggles window is ontop
ALT + F11 Toggles IRC fullscreen
ALT + F1 Opens help window
ALT + F2 Toggles docking panels on/off
ALT + R Opens script manager
ALT + O Opens options window
ALT + B Opens the Address book
CTRL + T Opens new server window
CTRL + F Opens text search
CTRL + L Scrolls the unread line marker line into view
CTRL + SHIFT + L Enable/disable the marker line in current window
CTRL + G Hides/shows Treebar
CTRL + H Cycles last highlighted windows
CTRL + S Opens server list
CTRL + ALT + UP Toggles window opacity (transparency)
CTRL + ALT + DOWN Toggles window opacity (transparency)
CTRL + Enter Allows you to send a message starting with "/<command>" without executing the command
CTRL + R Toggles sound on/off
CTRL + + Increases text size in current window
CTRL + - Decreases text size in current window
CTRL + 0 Resets text size in current window
CTRL + B Inserts bold tag
CTRL + K Inserts color tag
CTRL + I Inserts italic tag
CTRL + U Inserts underline tag
CTRL + O Inserts stop all formatting tag
Mousebutton 3 Cycles one window back (according to treebar/switchbar order)
Mousebutton 4 Cycles one window forward(according to treebar/switchbar order)
ALT + LEFT Cycles one window back (according to treebar/switchbar order)
ALT + RIGHT Cycles one window forward (according to treebar/switchbar order)
CTRL + ALT + LEFT Cycles one window back (according to treebar/switchbar order) including minimized windows
CTRL + ALT + RIGHT Cycles one window forward (according to treebar/switchbar order) including minimized windows
CTRL + TAB Cycles through open window (in recent history order)
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB Cycles through open windows backwards (in recent history order)
CTRL + N Cycles through all open channel windows
CTRL + Q Cycles through all open query windows
CTRL + M Goto next unread window
CTRL + ALT + M Goto next unread window with new normal messages/highlights only
SHIFT + Left MouseClick a tab in Switchbar/Treebar Closes the window
CTRL + Left MouseClick a tab in Switchbar/Treebar Minimizes the window
F1 Shows a help window
F2 Toggle on/off Docking panels
F5 Reloads Logviewer/Theme Manger/Plugin Manager
F11 Toggle main window fullscreen
CTRL + E Focus filter box in Options/Serverlist
CTRL + S Save Options/Scripting Editor/Serverlist

Override built-in hotkeys

Starting with version 1.9.6, you can use the scripting event on KEYDOWN to override most of the built-in hotkeys.
Not all functions have a command, feel free to request one if you need it.

Can also be used to create new hotkeys.


; Setup a keydown keyval for character 'r', you can retrieve the keyval value from the $keyval identifier.
on *:KEYDOWN:*:114:{

  ; Check if control key is pressed using bitwise comparison
  ; Control = 2
  ; Shift = 4
  ; Alt = 8
  if ($mouse.key & 2) {

    ; Echo the hotkey was pressed
    echo -ag Ctrl + R was pressed

    ; Halt any AdiIRC hotkeys

Creating new hotkeys

New hotkeys can be created using the alias syntax and the F-keys.

F1-12 and any combination using alt/shift/control is allowed.

a - Alt.
s - Shift.
c - Control


alias aF3 {
  echo -ag I pressed ALT + F3

alias sF3 {
  echo -ag I pressed SHIFT + F3

alias cF3 {
  echo -ag I pressed CTRL + F3

alias caF3 {
  echo -ag I pressed CTRL + ALT + F3

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