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Per Amundsen, 03/26/2021 06:43 PM

Statusbar Options

See also /statusbar, $statusbar.

Enable Statusbar

Enable or disable the Statusbar, can also be toggled in the Menubar -> View -> Statusbar and through the /statusbar command.

Show Info

Shows or hides the Server/Channel/Query info item.

Show Nick

Shows or hides the nick info item.

Show Server

Shows or hides the server info item.

Show Lag

Shows or hides the lag info item.

Show highlight sound status

Shows or hides the highlight sound/mute status

See /mute for more information.

Show Media Player song

Shows or hides the media player song item.

Show Bandwidth usage

Shows or hides the bandwidth monitor.

Show DCC Transfers

Shows or hides the dcc transfers progress bar.

Expand to multiple lines

If enabled Statusbar will expand into multiple lines to fit all Statusbar items, Media Player item will no longer function as a "right-align" item and will no longer fill up empty space.

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