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Per Amundsen, 06/12/2018 04:00 AM


AdiIRC supports multiple languages, if you want to contribute a translation for your own language, you can do that at Get Localization ‒ a friendly online platform we use to manage the translations.

When a new version of AdiIRC is released, all the translation changes is compiled and added to the installer, as well as the download list below.

You can contact us to request a update to the download list if you want to test something.
It is not necessary in most cases to test the width of a text, most user interface elements will dynamically resize itself to fit the text.

How to install

  1. Create a subfolder inside your AdiIRC installation path with the same name as the locale, e.g en-US for English da-DK for Danish pt-BR for Brazilian Portuguese etc.
  2. Download the translation in the Downloads section below.
  3. Unzip the translation.
  4. Copy the AdiIRC.resources.dll file to the local folder you created earlier. e.g C:\AdiIRC\da-DK\AdiIRC.resources.dll
  5. Go to Options -> General -> Choose Language, and select the locale in the dropdown box
  6. Restart AdiIRC to use the new language.

A GUI to install translations ie being considered.

Update a translation

  1. Close AdiIRC.
  2. Download the updated translation in the Downloads section below.
  3. Unsipz the translation.
  4. Copy the AdiIRC.resources.dll to the locale folder and overwrite the previous one, e.g C:\AdiIRC\da-DK\AdiIRC.resources.dll
  5. Start AdiIRC.

Automated update of translations is being considered.


Last updated: May 27, 2017

table(dtable). |_(stable).Language|_(stable).Links| |*Danish/da-DK*
By Per Amundsen & CC|Download - Source| |*French/fr-FR*
By André DI VIA & ExoSteev|Download - Source| |*German/de-DE*
By Cthulhux|Download - Source| |*Polish/pl-PL*
By VRMonk|Download - Source| |*Brazilian/pt-BR*
By pereba|Download - Source| |*Portuguese/pt-PT*

AdiIRC on Get Localization


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