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11:20 PM AdiIRC Feature #779: /query no such nick/channel
indeed it was easier than i thought
/q /query $$1- | /whois $$1-
thx for that tip, it worked as i wanted ;-)
ZarkBit Nok
05:18 PM AdiIRC Feature #779 (Closed): /query no such nick/channel
on /query someone is it possible to make AdiIRC check if the user is online/exists, and if not, echo the No such nick... ZarkBit Nok
12:17 AM AdiIRC Bug #778 (Closed): Away OFF
Sup all, the option (Commands->Set Away->OFF) to turn OFF the away isn't working on 1.9.2 beta, same thing used to ha... ZarkBit Nok


05:12 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: | .timer x y and Slap Title
haha it worked as expected, since it's for a slap system just had to add a submenu system, thank you very much ;-)
ZarkBit Nok
02:00 PM AdiIRC Support: | .timer x y and Slap Title
Hey there everyone, i'm trying to make the following "slap" to work on AdiIRC
Hunter: say Deer season has opened!!...
ZarkBit Nok

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