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03:25 PM AdiIRC OffTopic: RE: New here, just trying out AdiIRC.
Hello @hamilton5!
Sadly I haven’t been using it much lately because I reverted back to MacOS. However, the time I’ve...
iPod Classic


11:48 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: Whois not working?
Aww shucks. I didn't have logging enabled I think? I can only see the last hour or so of logs, and it was when I was ... iPod Classic
09:27 PM AdiIRC Support: Whois not working?
Most times, I have to Whois a couple of times. I'm using ZNC if that's of any use:
iPod Classic
11:24 PM AdiIRC General: Adding a user to address book directly from the nicklist?
Is that possible through scripting? Very useful option to keep track of the friends you make in IRC!
(btw, kudos o...
iPod Classic


08:00 PM AdiIRC OffTopic: New here, just trying out AdiIRC.
I am about to try out this software, to whomever developed it. Thank you! iPod Classic

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