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Added by Whiplash Whiplashich over 5 years ago

Yo! I kinda felt very bad when I discovered this client few days ago. It was mainly because I searched for something like this very intensively some time ago, and I gave up in the end thinking that there is probably no IRC client that I can be happy with. But now my hope is alive again. ;)

I was really positively surprised when I saw that the AdiIRC is very similar to my favorite IRC client HydraIRC (an old unfinished client). But, at the same time I'm struggling to keep using it just because of the same reasons as with all the other clients - it doesn't offer enough privacy protections which I really care about.
That's why I decided to make this topic. Now I can be sure that krOn will have them in once place and be constantly reminded about them until he finally do their implementation. :p (I talked about most of these in IRC channel)

I think the client needs a proper/visible option named something like "Lock" or "Locking".
That will allow it to have a lot of sub-options nicely previewed. These should be able to be checked:
- Automatically lock after x minutes idle (Where idling is counted by "real" idling, not a message typing idling; this logic should be changed for "Away" option too. Otherwise it's useless. I guess that's some IRC convention, but you can make an additional option for "real" idling then.)
- Password to unlock
- Lock on startup
- Lock with screen saver
- When locked, show as away
- When locked, turn off sounds
- When locked, turn off tips

Once I write password for unlocking up there, the client shouldn't ask me to set it up for locking again and again every time I hit shortcut keys combo.

When client is locked, it should has a different tray icon for that status. The new icon shouldn't be dynamic, but totally static. When somebody is sending me messages while the client is locked, tray icon should stay calm, and not to blink or anything to provoke attention. Same goes for highlights etc.

As already mentioned before, the client needs General option "Start minimized to tray". This is a very important option which will make the client to start with system (or in general) more discretely.
Notice that General option "Start minimized" + Tray icon option "Send to tray on minimize" isn't a way to do it. Because, in that case I'm losing option to ordinary minimize the app and I'm forced to always minimize it to tray - which simply isn't good.

The client already has options in Windows tab "Minimize/Hide All Windows" and "Reset All Windows Sizes". It's weird that those two are the only ones which don't have corresponding icons on the bar. I kinda miss that, especially for the first one. It's good to have a one-click option to close all windows, so that nothing is happening on the screen.

In general:
It's good to adjust the client for people who are sharing their PCs with other people very often. Personally, I like the IRC client to be totally hidden to all of the people who are sitting in front of my PC. I want it to be something that belongs only to me. That's why hiding such client should be as quick and as effective as possible.

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RE: My feature requests - Added by Per Amundsen over 5 years ago

For #1, there is a bug with ctrl + clicking minimize in the Titlebar which will be fixed for next beta.

There will be some lock options at some point, but not anytime soon.

For #2, in your AdiIRC shortcut, add -cmd /showadiirc -t, see Command line arguments and /showadiirc for more.

For #3, There are many things which could use a icon, but I don't have access to a icon artist atm, but you can use the /toolbar command to create any button/icon you want, there is a command for everything.


; on adiirc start, add a new toolbar icon
on *:START:toolbar -a hideall "Hide all windows" "c:\path\to\icon\here" "/hideall" 

; create a alias /hideall that loops through all windows and hides them
alias hideall {
  var %s 0

  ; loop servers
  while (%s < $scon(0)) {
    inc %s
    scon %s
    var %w 0

    ; loop windows on this server
    while (%w < $window(*,0)) {
      inc %w

      ; minimize/hide the window
      window -n $qt($window(*, %w))

Press ALT + R to open the script editor, copy/paste the script and replace "c:\path\to\icon\here" with a path to a icon on your computer.

RE: My feature requests - Added by Per Amundsen over 5 years ago

ctrl + clicking minimize is not bugged as I previously thought, it reuses the previous password as expected.

Also here is a script as an alternative to modifying the AdiIRC shortcut:

; Send AdiIRC to tray on start
on *:START:showadiirc -t

RE: My feature requests - Added by Whiplash Whiplashich over 5 years ago

Sorry, but this is all too geeky for a new user - especially for one who's not familiar with programming.

RE: My feature requests - Added by Per Amundsen over 5 years ago

These are solutions to your problems, if you don't understand them, feel free to ask and I will explain.