Added in 1.9.1

/toolbar [on|off] [-aidmsxkNnNzNebwhyNurctplof[sld]gN] [N] <name/N> <tooltip> <picfile|@> [x y w h] [/alias] [popfile|@]

Allows modifying/adding/removing Toolbar buttons.

See also $toolbar, Toolbar.


Switch Description
-a Add button.
-i Insert button at position [N].
-d Deletes the Nth button or <name>.
-m Moves button <name/N> to position [N].
-s Add separator.
-kN Check or uncheck the Nth button or <name>, 0 = check, 1 = uncheck.
-nN icon index in picfile.
-zN Icon size, 1 = small, 2 = large, 3 = actual.
-e Enable button [N] or <name>.
-b Disable button [N] or <name>.
-w Show button [N] or <name>
-h Hide button [N] or <name>
-u Update display immediately.
-r Resets all buttons to default.
-c Clear all buttons.
-t Update tooltip.
-p Update picfile.
-l Update alias.
-o Update popupfile.
-gN Sets the button alignment, 0 = left, 1 = right. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
[on|off] Enables/Disables Toolbar, use $toolbar to determine Toolbar status.
[N] Button position to modify.
<name/N> Name or position of button to modify.
<tooltip> Tooltip for the button.
<picfile|@> Icon/Image file to use for the button or pic window name.
[x y w h] Position and size of the image/bitmap to use. (not used for icons)
[/alias] Alias command to add to the button.
[popfile|@] popfile = TODO, @name pic window name.


; Add a button.
/toolbar -a mybutton "My button tooltip" "c:\icons\myicon.png" "/mycommand" 

; Change the icon.
/toolbar -p mybutton "c:\icons\myicon2.png" 

; Change the alias.
/toolbar -l mybutton /mycommand2

; Remove a button.
/toolbar -d mybutton

; Add a separator.
/toolbar -as myseparator

Default buttons

Button Description
tsb1 Disconnected
tsb26 Connecting
tsb27 Connected
tsb2 Serverlist
tsb3 Options
tsb4 Dcc Transfer monitor panel
tsb5 Separator
tsb6 Cascade
tsb7 Tile Horizontal
tsb8 Tile Vertical
tsb9 Separator
tsb10 Open Winamp
tsb11 Media Mlayer previous song
tsb12 Media Player play song
tsb13 Media Player pause song
tsb14 Media Player stop song
tsb15 Media Player next song
tsb16 Now playing
tsb17 Separator
tsb18 Search box
tsb19 Choose search engine
tsb20 Separator right aligned
tsb21 Memory usage
tsb22 Cpu usage
tsb23 Channellist
tsb28 Script Editor
tsv24 Dcc Transfer Progress
tsb25 Clock

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