Added in 1.9.1

/toolbar [on|off] [-aidmsxkNnNzNebwhyNurctplof[sld]gN] [N] <name/N> <tooltip> <picfile|@> [x y w h] [/alias] [popfile|@]

Allows modifying/adding/removing Toolbar buttons.

See also $toolbar, Toolbar.


-a - Add button.
-i - Insert button at position [N].
-d - Deletes the Nth button or <name>.
-m - Moves button <name/N> to position [N].
-s - Add separator.
-x - TODO
-kN - Check or uncheck the Nth button or <name>, 0 = check, 1 = uncheck.
-nN - icon index in picfile.
-zN - Icon size, 1 = small, 2 = large, 3 = actual.
-e - Enable button [N] or <name>.
-b - Disable button [N] or <name>.
-w - Show button [N] or <name>
-h - Hide button [N] or <name>
-yN - TODO
-u - Update display immediately.
-r - Resets all buttons to default.
-c - Clear all buttons.
-t - Update tooltip.
-p - Update picfile.
-l - Update alias.
-o - Update popupfile.
-f - TODO
-gN - Sets the button alignment, 0 = left, 1 = right. (AdiIRC only)


[on|off] - Enables/Disables Toolbar, use $toolbar to determine Toolbar status.
[N] - Button position to modify.
<name/N> - Name or position of button to modify.
<tooltip> - Tooltip for the button.
<picfile|@> - Icon/Image file to use for the button or pic window name.
[x y w h] - Position and size of the image/bitmap to use. (not used for icons)
[/alias] - Alias command to add to the button.
[popfile|@] - popfile = TODO, @name pic window name.


; Add a button.
/toolbar -a mybutton "My button tooltip" "c:\icons\myicon.png" "/mycommand" 

; Change the icon.
/toolbar -p mybutton "c:\icons\myicon2.png" 

; Change the alias.
/toolbar -l mybutton /mycommand2

; Remove a button.
/toolbar -d mybutton

; Add a separator.
/toolbar -as myseparator

Default buttons

tsb1 = Disconnected
tsb26 = Connecting
tsb27 = Connected
tsb2 = Serverlist
tsb3 = Options
tsb4 = Dcc Transfer monitor panel
tsb5 = Separator
tsb6 = Cascade
tsb7 = Tile Horizontal
tsb8 = Tile Vertical
tsb9 = Separator
tsb10 = Open Winamp
tsb11 = Media Mlayer previous song
tsb12 = Media Player play song
tsb13 = Media Player pause song
tsb14 = Media Player stop song
tsb15 = Media Player next song
tsb16 = Now playing
tsb17 = Separator
tsb18 = Search box
tsb19 = Choose search engine
tsb20 = Separator right aligned
tsb21 = Memory usage
tsb22 = Cpu usage
tsb23 = Channellist
tsb28 = Script Editor
tsv24 = Dcc Transfer Progress
tsb25 = Clock

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