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Added by Ryuu Zy over 4 years ago

Hi, glad to see these plugin system so we can have automatic/script life^^
I try to start with it -javascript one
First, by copy script in your example page:
The setup is good to go. I start and see "I have joined a channel 1 times" as expected
But it seem I cant make 'OnCommand' to work.
From what I understand, we type /testjs or /testcmd right? I try to type&enter that in server window/channel window/another user window.
All not work but it consume Unknown command i.e. /testjs not show as /abc='abc Unknown command' but it did not notify and all. I try to copy work command there i.e. myHost.NotifyUser(server, "I have joined a channel " + joined + " times"); to command == "/testjs" case..for example.
But it's still silent. Try unload/re-load script/reopen AdiIRC after that but it's not work :P Can you help to point out what I may mistake?

Are there any cmd version of adiirc. I wish to integrate it with my speech to text/tts system. But I mostly write in Java. I can work around with js though

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RE: Plugin problem - Added by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

Yeah the command hooking seems to be broken in APIv1, this API is deprecated now in favor of the new APIv2, but I haven't had the time yet to port the JSWrapper over, sorry about that, will get to that at some point but I will look into fixing the command issue in the meanwhile.

AdiIRC does not have a command line version, but I guess you can just minimize the window to tray.

If you know java, c# shouldn't be too hard to learn, they are very similar, and you can use the APIv2 directly without any wrapper.

RE: Plugin problem - Added by Ryuu Zy over 4 years ago

wow I see, curious about code in github before so it's another version api^^. I ever write C# but my everyday life system is written in Java. I will look into it when I setup&play with C#, thank you^^

Another question, can I detect DCC Get by the API (v1 or v2), for example,
DCC Get of .. complete/incomplete (The red color one)
From what I test in v1 I can only detect OnUserNotice, something like: <user> says Closing Connection: Connection Lost (The crimson color one)

Never mind, I use luascript with OnGetData/OnRawData and communicate with java ..for now. Hope I can migrate to C# as you suggest soon^ but it's a bit tired because it's not simple as just script in as lua/js so please dont remove apiv1 :P

RE: Plugin problem - Added by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

I wont remove APIv1, but it wont get any new features.

The LuaWrapper and RubyWrapper will be ported to APIv2 at some point as well.

There is currently no API for DCC, but there is a proposal for it at, will look into that for next version.

RE: Plugin problem - Added by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

Commands issue is fixed for next beta.