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Added by James Fraser about 1 year ago

I recently did an update.... and unlike alll other updates.. i lost all my data. There is an config.bak how do i change this to be the config.ini file?

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RE: .bak > .ini - Added by Per Amundsen about 1 year ago

What do you mean by "i lost all my data"?

Make sure you are running adiirc as a normal user and not as admin since they would likely use different config folders.

RE: .bak > .ini - Added by James Fraser about 1 year ago

lost all my settings from previous version
including neworks, options, etc.

how do i know if i am running it as a normal user instead of admin?

RE: .bak > .ini - Added by Per Amundsen about 1 year ago

You can type //echo -ag $isadmin in the Editbox.

RE: .bak > .ini - Added by Paul Janson about 1 year ago

if you search the entire hard drive for config.ini, you might discover it in a different folder. The config.bak you found might not even be the correct one, if the date stamp is too old. If you have trouble searching for it using windows itself, this command within adiirc will show all config.ini and .bak in folders where you have permissions, listing them in your status window. Note that this can take a really long time if your hard drive is crowded. Change the c:\ to the root of another folder if you need to search a different drive letter. I show the timestamp to help find the config.ini you were using very recently:

//noop $findfile(c:\,config.ini;config.bak,0,echo -s found: $asctime($file($parms).mtime) $parms)