Send parameters to an alias??

Added by acid blue 18 days ago

Been trying to figure out how to send parameter to an alias.
I want to call an alias and send it a variable/parameter ie /alias parameter1, parameter2...
There's got to be away I just cant find it in the docs.

Say I want to use a persons nickname on the channel.

alias wave {
var %name
say $me waves at %name.

So when I call the alias:
/wave Dave
It'll return:
"acidblue waves at Dave."
This obviously wont work the way I have the script written, but it explains what I'm trying to do.
Any help is appreciated.

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RE: Send parameters to an alias?? - Added by Paul Janson 17 days ago

Because AdiIRC is largely compatible with mIRC, a lot of the info at wikichip is relevant. If something doesn't work the same way in AdiIRC, ask for help. Note that the AdiIRC wiki mentions numerous /commands and $identifiers not in mIRC, and some of the matches have more/fewer switches supported.

In your case, you can call your alias as a /command or as an identifier. If you call $wave(a b,c,d), then $1 is 'a b', $2 is 'c', and $3 is 'd'. If called as a "/wave a b c d" then the $1 $2 $3 are created by looking at the tokens in a space-delimited fashion.

RE: Send parameters to an alias?? - Added by acid blue 17 days ago

Thank's, that's just the info I needed.