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RE: Scripts repositories links - Added by Daniel Kempton about 6 years ago

As of, Friday 27th April 2018 at 15:06 PDT Some of these are no longer valid. This domain expired 4-21-2018 (New replacement site -
This site cannot be reached 404 Error*&cat=description&by=DESC&results=300

Updated - 18 Jan, 2023 Of this list, only the following 3 are still active.

RE: Scripts repositories links - Added by westor (GR) about 6 years ago

There is 1 more that is new and is active related to mSL and is almost compatitable with AdiIRC too.

RE: Scripts repositories links - Added by Paul Janson about 1 year ago

The has expired, and has moved to
As for script compatibility, the newer your $builddate the more likely that scripts will work. A lot can depend on what the script is trying to do. For example some scripts use $readini($mircini,section,item) to check for settings, and would need different ways of making equivalent code.

Another difference can be very old scripts that would use obsolete syntax where identifier parameters are outside of their parenthesis, like:

//echo -a $read -ntl1 $qt($mircini)

... where you should instead use the modern form like $read($qt($mircini),nt,1)