Added in 1.9.0


Prompts the user for input and returns the result.

See also $input.

Can be prefixed with # to ensure the resulted text starts with a channel prefix.


Parameter Description
* Use a password Editbox.
! Use a yes/no dialog which will return $true if user clicks yes, otherwise $false.
="message" Message to display.
N Try to use the Nth token as the result text.


; Ask the user for his name and print the result.
//echo $?="What is your name?" 

; Ask the user for his password and print the result.
//echo $?*="What is your password?" 

; Ask the use to continue with a yes/no dialog.
//echo $?!="Do you want to continue?" 

; Ask for the second token.
//tokenize 44 a,b,c | echo -ag Ths second token is $?2

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