Added in 1.9.0


Returns M ASCII values from a &binvar starting from the Nth byte.

N-N2 can be used to get a range of ASCII values.
N- can be used to get all ASCII values from position N.


&binvar - The &binvar to use.
N - Position to start retrieving bytes.
M - Numbers of bytes to get.


.text - Returns plain text instead of ASCII values.
.word - TODO
.nword - TODO
.long - TODO
.nlong - TODO


; Returns the length of the binary variable.
//echo -ag $bvar(&binvar,0)        

; Returns ASCII value at position N.
//echo -ag $bvar(&binvar,1)

; Returns ASCII values from 5 to 8.
//echo -ag $bvar(&binvar,5,3)

; Returns ASCII values from 5 to end.
//echo -ag $bvar(&binvar,5-)

; Returns plain text from 5 to 8 up to the first zero character.
//echo -ag $bvar(&binvar,5,3).text

; Returns &binvar if the binvar exists.
//echo -ag $bvar(&binvar)

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