Added in 1.9.0


Returns the clipboard contents.


Returns a line of text from the clipboard.


N - If N = 0 returns total number of lines in the clipboard, if N = -1 returns all the text in the clipboard, otherwise return the Nth line in the clipboard.
u - Returns UTF-8 encoded text. (Optional)
%var|&binvar - Results are stored in them and the identifier returns the length of the text. (Optional)


.len - If N = 0 or -1 returns total length of all lines in the clipboard otherwise return length of the Nth line.


;Return number of lines in the clipboard
//echo -ag $cb(0)

;Return 5th line in the clipboard
//echo -ag $cb(5)

;Return length of the 5th line in the clipboard
//echo -ag $cb(5).len

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