Added in 1.9.0


Searches the specified directory and its subdirectories for the Nth filename matching the wildcard file specification and returns the full path and filename if it is found.

If /halt is used in the [command], the search is halted instead of the entire script.


Parameter Description
dir The directory to search.
wildcard Wildcard to search for.
N If N = 0, number of files, otherwise the Nth filename.
[depth] Maximum folder depth. (optional)
[@window|command] Custom window name to fill with the result or a command to run on each result. (optional)


Property Description
.shortfn Return the path in a shortfn format.


; Print number of filenames found in $adiircdir.
//echo -ag $findfile($adiircdir,*.*,0)

; Print the 1st filename found.
//echo -ag $findfile($adiircdir,*.*,1)

; Print all filenames in $adiircdir, when using the command parameter, $1- will hold the path.
//noop $findfile($adiircdir,*.*,0,echo -ag $1-)

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