Added in 2.3


Returns the nickname and filename of the Nth dcc get connection.


Parameter Description
N/nick Nick or the Nth connection.
[N] The Nth nick match.


Property Description
.wid TODO
hwnd - TODO
.cid Returns the connection id.
.path Returns the file path.
.file Returns the file name.
.size Returns the file size in bytes.
.rcvd Returns the number of bytes received.
.pc Returns the percent complete.
.secs Returns number of seconds the transfer has been open.
.done Returns $true if transfer was successful, otherwise $false.
.resume Returns resume position if file was resumed.
.cps Returns a estimate bytes per second.
.status Returns "sent" and "failed" if a transfer has been sent successfully or failed.
.ip Returns the remote ip address.
.port Returns the remote port. (AdiIRC only)


; Print number of GET transfers.
//echo -ag $get(0)

; Print filename for the first GET transfer.
//echo -ag $get(1).file

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