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Per Amundsen, 06/07/2018 05:24 AM

Added in 1.9.0


Searches table for the Nth item name which matches text and returns the item name.

See also $hmatch.


name|N - Name of the hash table or the Nth hash table.
text - Text to search for.
[N] - If N = 0, number of matches, otherwise the Nth match. (optional)
[M] - (optional)

 n - Normal text comparison. (default if M is not specified)
 w - Text is wildcard text.
 W - Hash table item/data is wildcard text.
 r - Text is a regular expression.
 R - Hash table item/data is a regular expression.

[@window|command] - if @window is defined, fills the side-listbox with the results, otherwise the command is run on each result.


.data - Search for a matching data value instead of item name.


; Searches hash table 'Example' for all items using and runs the command 'echo -ag $1-' on each result, $1- holds the item name or data.
//echo -ag result: $hfind(Example, *, 0, w, echo -ag $1-)

; Searches the hash table 'Example' and prints the number of matches.
//echo -ag result: $hfind(Example, *, 0, w)

; Searches the hash table 'Example' and prints the first matched item.
//echo -ag result: $hfind(Example, *, 1, w)

; Searches the hash table 'Example' and prints the first matched data.
//echo -ag result: $hfind(Example, *, 1, w).data

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