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Per Amundsen, 02/24/2017 09:01 PM

Added in 1.8.10


Returns $true if highlighting is turned on, otherwise returns $false.

Added in 1.9.3


Returns the Nth line in the highlights options, or if text is specified, returns the properties for the highlight line that matches text.


N - The Nth highlight from the highlights options, if N = 0, total number of highlight items is returned.
text - A text to match with a highlight.


.text - Highlight match text.
.color - Line color.
.rgbcolor - The rgb color if set. (AdiIRC only)
.sound - "beep" or file name.
.flash - Flash times or 0 if flash is disabled.
.tip - Tip times or 0 if tip is disabled.
.message - Tip message.
.nicks - $true if match on nickname is enabled, otherwise $false.
.regex - $true if regex is enabled, otherwise $false.
.cs - $true case sensitive is enabled, otherwise $false.
.network - The network name to match, if any. (AdiIRC only)

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