Added in 2.4


Returns the Nth nick in nick icon list, or if nick is specified returns Nth position of item in list that matches nick. If nick does not match any items, returns zero.


N|nick - The Nth nick icon item or a nick to match.


.icon - The filename for the icon.
.modes - Channel modes if any.
.levels - The user access levels if any.
.anymode - $true if anymode is checked, otherwise $false.
.nomode - $true if nomode is checked, otherwise $false.
.ignore - Returns $true if Ignore is checked, otherwise $false.
.op - TODO ($false)
.voice - TODO ($false)
.protect - TODO ($false)
.notify - Returns $true if Notify is checked, otherwise $false.
.abook- Returns $true if Address Book is checked, otherwise $false.
.idle - Idle time in minutes, if set.

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