Added in 3.2


Returns information about the /play queue.

See also /play, $filename, $pnick, on PLAYEND.


nick|channel - The nick or channel where the file is playing.
N - If N = 0, number of playing files, otherwise the Nth playing file.


type - Returns the type of the request, "topic" if you are using /play -t, otherwise "file".
.fname - Returns the complete filename used for the play request.
.topic - Returns the name of the topic if you used /play -t.
.pos - Returns the number of the line that play request is at, (the next line to be played).
.lines - Returns the total number of lines in the file being played.
.delay - Returns the delay used for the play request (default to 1000).
.status - Returns the status of the play request, "playing" or "queued".


; Print the filename of the current playing file.
//echo -ag $play(1).fname

; Print the filename of first queued file matching channel '#chan'.
//echo -ag $play(#chan, 1).fname

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