Added in 3.2


Returns information about the /play queue.

See also /play, $filename, $pnick, on PLAYEND.


Parameter Description
nick|channel The nick or channel where the file is playing.
N If N = 0, number of playing files, otherwise the Nth playing file.


Property Description
type Returns the type of the request, "topic" if you are using /play -t, otherwise "file".
.fname Returns the complete filename used for the play request.
.topic Returns the name of the topic if you used /play -t.
.pos Returns the number of the line that play request is at, (the next line to be played).
.lines Returns the total number of lines in the file being played.
.delay Returns the delay used for the play request (default to 1000).
.status Returns the status of the play request, "playing" or "queued".


; Print the filename of the current playing file.
//echo -ag $play(1).fname

; Print the filename of first queued file matching channel '#chan'.
//echo -ag $play(#chan, 1).fname

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