Added in 1.9.0

$regml([name], N, [&binvar])

Returns the Nth regular expression match from $regex, $regsub, $regsubex or from an event.

Same as $regbr.

See also $regsubex, $regsub, $regex, $regmlex, $regerrstr.


Parameter Description
[name] A named regular expression, if not defined result from the last regular expression is returned. (optional)
N If N = 0, number of matches, otherwise the Nth match.
[&binvar] Adds the match to the specified &binvar instead. (changes return value to number of bytes added)


Property Description
.pos Returns the match position in the text.
.group Returns the group position (includes empty groups).
.full Returns the full match. (AdiIRC only)


; Search the text for the pattern '(hello)' and print the result.
//echo -ag Number of matches: $regex(Hello World, /(Hello)/) match 1 is: $regml(1)

; Prefix an event with '$' allows the use of a regular expression in the 'matchtext' field which will fill $regml with the result.
on $*:TEXT:/Hello/g:*:echo -ag found $regml(0) matches, first match was $regml(1)

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