Added in 1.9.0

$regsubex([name], text, re, subtext, [%var|&binvar])

Performs a regular regular expression and then performs a substitution using subtext.

Returns the substituted text.

See also $regex, $regsub, $regml, $regmlex. $regerrstr.


Parameter Description
[name] Name of the search, which can later be referenced using $regml. (optional)
text The text to search.
re The regular expression to perform.
subtext Subtext to replace with.
[%var|&binvar] Optionally output the text to a %var or a &binvar. ([name] must be defined and returns the number of matches instead of the substituted text)


Character Description
\0 Returns the number of matches.
\n Returns the current match number.
\t Returns the current match text (same as $regml(\n)).
\a Returns all matching items.
\A Returns a non-spaced version of \a.
\@ Returns the total number of matches. (AdiIRC only)
\1 \2 \N ... Returns the Nth back-reference made for a given match

The subtext evaluates identifiers before performing the substitution and special markers can be used to reference various parts of the result.


; Find all lowercase 'a-z' characters and replace them with an uppercase character.
//echo -ag $regsubex(abcdefg,/([a-z])/g,$upper(\1))

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