Added in 1.9.6

$screenshot(filename, [options], [x, y, w, h], N)

Takes and saves a screenshot of the desktop or current active window to filename.


Parameter Description
filename Filname to save to.
[options] Screenshot options. (optional)
[x, y, w, h] The position and size of a rectangle to save. (use with the 'z' parameter)
N Compression quality (0-100)


Option Description
a Take screenshot of active window.
b Save as bmp image.
e Save as Emf image.
g Save as gif image.
i Save as icon image.
j Save as jpeg image.
p Save as png image.
r Select an area of the screen to save. (Use CTRL + S to save when done)
t Save as tiff image.
w Save as wmf image.
x Save as exif image.
z Select and save a rectangle [x, y, w, h] of the screen.


; Takes a screenshot of current active window and saves it as a png image, then opens the image.
//run $qt($screenshot(screenshot.png, pa))

; Show a transparent form where you can draw a rectangle and save it as a png image, then opens the image.
//run $qt($screenshot(screenshot.png, pr))

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