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Per Amundsen, 08/10/2015 08:54 AM

Added in 1.9.7


Returns the Nth address in the Users list that matches the specified address and level.

If you do not specify a full address, it completes the address with wildcards.
If you do not specify N, the first matching address is returned.
If you specify L, only matching addresses that contain the specified level are returned.

L and N are optional, but if you specify L, you must specify N.


nick!userid@address - Address to match.
L - Access level to match.
N - The Nth match.


.info - Returns the information field of the matched address.


; Lookup all addresss and print the number of matches.
/echo -ag $ulist(*,0)

; Lookup any address and print the first one.
/echo -ag $ulist(*,1)

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