Added in 1.9.3


Returns the currently active URL in your Web Browser.

Only works for Internet Explorer/Opera 12, does not work in any modern browser due to DDE support being removed.

As of AdiIRC 4.4, url can be retrieved from chrome, edge, firefox, opera, brave and vivaldi. In some of them the http(s) prefix is not available, the rest of the url is there however._

Note: AdiIRC 64 bit version is only able to get the url from 64 bit browsers and the 32 bit version from 32 bit browsers.


Returns the Nth captured URL address in URL catcher.


Parameter Description
N If N = 0, number of URL addresses, otherwise the Nth URL address.


Property Description
.desc TODO
.group TODO


; Print number of caught URL addresses.
//echo -ag $url(0)

; Print the first caught URL address.
//echo -ag $url(1)

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