Added in 3.3

$wrap(text, font, size, width, [word,] N)

Returns the Nth line in text wrapped to the specified width in pixels.


Parameter Description
text The text to wrap.
font The font to wrap with.
size The font size to wrap with.
width The width in pixels for the area to wrap to.
[word] If specified with "1" or word is not specified, the wrapping is performed on whole words, otherwise performed on max length.
N If N = 0 number of wrapped lines, otherwise the Nth wrapped line.


Property Description
.cc Retain the control used for the previous line. (AdiIRC only)


; Show number of wrapped line for this text.
//echo -ag Number of wrapped lines is $wrap(veeeeeeerrrrrry long line, verdana, 9, 100, 0)

; Show the first wrapped line for this text.
//echo -ag The first wrapped line is $wrap(veeeeeeerrrrrry long line, verdana, 9, 100, 1)

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