Added in 3.3

$wrap(text, font, size, width, [word,] N)

Returns the Nth line in text wrapped to the specified width in pixels.


text - The text to wrap.
font - The font to wrap with.
size - The font size to wrap with.
width - The width in pixels for the area to wrap to.
[word] - If specified with "1" or word is not specified, the wrapping is performed on whole words, otherwise performed on max length.
N - If N = 0 number of wrapped lines, otherwise the Nth wrapped line.


.cc - Retain the control used for the previous line. (AdiIRC only)


; Show number of wrapped line for this text.
//echo -ag Number of wrapped lines is $wrap(veeeeeeerrrrrry long line, verdana, 9, 100, 0)

; Show the first wrapped line for this text.
//echo -ag The first wrapped line is $wrap(veeeeeeerrrrrry long line, verdana, 9, 100, 1)

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