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Per Amundsen, 03/28/2023 10:17 PM

Added in 1.7

/ban [-kruN] [#channel] <nickname|address> [type] [reason]

Ban someone from the current channel using their nickname or address.

If you do not specify a type then only the users nickname is used. If you specify a type then the users address is looked up via the server.


Switch Description
-k Kicks the specified nickname as well as banning with an optional reason.
-uN Pause N seconds before removing the ban.
-r Removes ban instead of adding.
-b Apply the ban to the ban list.
-e Apply the ban to the exception list.
-I Apply the ban to the invite list.
-q Apply the ban to the quiet list.


Parameter Description
[#channel] The channel to add/remove the ban.
<nickname|address> Nick or address to ban.
[type] Address type, see $mask for available types. (if no type is specified, ban type from Options -> Server -> Default ban type will be used)
[reason] Optional reason used in combination with -k


;Kicks and bans a nick from channel #test for 1 hour
/ban -ku3600 #test Nick Stop Spamming.

;Removes ban on Nick from channel #test
/ban -r #test Nick

;Bans all users from
/ban #test *!*

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