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Per Amundsen, 11/15/2023 06:36 PM

Added in 1.9.3

/cline [-bhlmrSW] [c] <#channel|@name> <N|nick>

Changes the color of the Nth line or nick to color [c].

If [c] is not defined, the line will be reset to default color.


Switch Description
-b Indicates the [c] color is in $rgb format. (AdiIRC only)
-h Highlights the window's button. (if window is not active)
-l Apply to side-listbox.
-r Reset an item in the side-listbox to default; [c] parameter must be omitted.
-t Apply to text buffer. (AdiIRC only)
-S Use status window. (AdiIRC only)
-W Allow using a channel or query window name for @name. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
[c] Optional line color.
<@name> Custom window name.
<N|nick> Line number or matching side-listbox item to color.


alias example {
  ; Open a custom window.
  /window @Example

  ; Add a 'Hello World' line to the custom window.
  /aline @Example Hello World

  ; Change the color of the first line to red (4).
  /cline 4 @Example 1

  ; Change the color of the first line to rgb color blue
  /cline -b $rgb(0,0,255) 1

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