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Differences between AdiIRC and the competitor 1:


  1. Binary 64 bits version available;
  2. Undo works in editbox after evaluating;
  3. Auto update and install new version at a click;
  4. Portable by essence, where you run the bin it saves the config, don't need any extra config to make it portable;
  5. Built in spell checker;
  6. Native support for emoticons on chat and scripts;
  7. Global editbox history;
  8. Tabcomplete by recent nicks;
  9. Track users away status;
  10. Encoding options on the fly per network;
  11. Native Now Playing info support for most popular media players;
  12. Tired of 0-15 colors limit? AdiIRC can use unlimited RGB colors. More info at Formatting_text;
  13. Built in away system for more control;
  14. Random slaps, quits and now playing;
  15. Powerful Plugins api;
  16. Save and restore open servers and channels;
  17. Built in System Info (CPU,GPU,Bandwidth,MEM,DISK,AUDIO,OS,etc) commands and identifiers;
  18. Auto regain nick on re-connection;
  19. Config to change browser to open links;
  20. Possibility to open links by single click;
  21. No limit to scripts support on Highlight Message field;
  22. Easy to turn off CTCP or to customize the reply, even for version. Check ctcp and ctcpreply;
  23. Check for irc:// links association on startup;
  24. Possibility to keep channels open on part;
  25. Always on top shortcut (default is alt+a);
  26. It supports system codecs installed to play virtually any songs format in /splay and related commands;
  27. Random nick colors on messages, nicklist or both;
  28. Auto backup to important files like config.ini, vars, commands, servers, etc, avoiding any data loss on BSOD and general crashes so common in other clients. A very relevant feature.

MSL (mIRC Scripting Language)

  1. It can handle consecutive spaces. Check $msgx, $rawmsgx, /fakeraw and /rawx;
  2. Two or more On Text events matching same rule in same script file? no problem, AdiIRC will match them all. Valid for any kind/amount of events!
  3. On KeyDown/KeyUp events works in any window, making possible to override default hotkeys;
  4. Var size unlimited, don't need to appeal to bvars for most scripts;
  5. Faster scripting engine, benchmark both client to compare;
  6. Expanding the MSL language with extra identifiers/commands/operators/events and parameters;
  7. Multiples and simultaneous sounds in scripts? Sure, it supports named command similar to /timer function to invoke a new player instance, ie /splayNAME [parameters];
  8. In addition to /remote [on|off] it has /scripts [on|off] to toggle Scripts entirely;
  9. Possibility to halt and customize any client text output. Check the event ON CLIENTTEXT.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  1. Statusbar;
  2. Themes manager;
  3. Improved search bar with support for regular expressions (regex);
  4. Unread messages counter on treebar windows;
  5. Customizable nick list buttons;
  6. Custom colors and style for links;
  7. Treebar nicklist;
  8. Server list manager with support to connect more than one network at once on startup;
  9. Parsed Nicklist Tooltips;
  10. Toggle main window border;
  11. Topicbox;
  12. Friendly themes colors customize;
  13. Custom icons everywhere, to any kind of window;
  14. Custom fonts everywhere;
  15. Quick connect popup, check /quickconnect;
  16. Fully customizable window titles, not limited to /titlebar;
  17. Several monitoring panels (channel messages, url catcher, pm, highlights, notices, notify list, dcc transfers, etc);
  18. Toggle the auto focus editbox (selected text in chat area keeps selected);
  19. Toggle Menubar icon visibility;
  20. Toggle buffer scrollbars visibility;
  21. Custom colors and font in tray Tips;
  22. Toggle mute to events sounds;
  23. Fake transparent windows (uses desktop wallpaper as background);
  24. Search field on /options;
  25. Dockable interface to any side of screen;
  26. Optional Nick Column (right aligned nick with draggable divider);
  27. A more friendly scripts editor;
  28. Most GUI elements are DPI-aware;
  29. GUI translation support. Check out how to collaborate in

For a more deep list of changes, check the active changelog and the release notes.

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