Added in 1.9.3

/rawx [-nq] <command>

Sends the specified command directly to the server. You must know the correct raw format of the command you are sending.

Same as /raw but evaluates a variable instead of text and allows sending consecutive spaces.


Switch Description
-n Prevents characters in the range 0-255 from being UTF-8 encoded, as long as the line contains characters only in the range 0-255.
-q Makes the command work quietly without printing what it is sending.


Parameter Description
<command> The command to send to the server.


;Create a variable with the text PRIVMSG #channel :a    b
/var %var PRIVMSG #channel :a $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) b

;Sends the output of %var to the server.
/rawx %var

;Add a on INPUT event that listens for /example command.
on *:INPUT:*:if ($1 == /example) { 

  ;Put the consecutive spaced message into a variable
  var %text PRIVMSG # : $+ $mid($msgx, $calc($len($1) + 2), $len($msgx)) 

  ;Send the message
  /rawx %text 

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