Added in 1.9.3

/config [-tihcn] [tab|nick|host] [search]

Opens the options form.

Quotes can be used for tabs with multiple words.

Same as /options.


Switch Description
-t Selects the specified tab matching [text].
-i Opens the Add/Edit Ignore Dialog for the [nick|host].
-h Opens the Add/Edit Highlight Dialog for the [nick|host].
-c Opens the Add/Edit Nicklist Icon Dialog for the [nick|host].
-n Opens the Add/Edit Nickcolor Dialog for the [nick|host].


Parameter Description
[tab] Used with -t Text of the option tab to set as selected.
[nick|host] Used with the -ihcn parameters to open the matched nick or host.
[search] Options to search/filter for.
; Open options and search all tabs for the text "join" and select the "quick connect" tab if text was found.
/config -t "Quick Connect" join

; Open options and select the "Messagea" tab.
/config -t Messages

; Open options and search for the text "join".
/config join

; Opens the Ignore tab and dialog for the host 'Nick!*@*'.
/config -i Nick!*@*

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