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Per Amundsen, 04/09/2022 12:49 AM

Added in 4.3

/dock [-abloprsNtu] [size] <@window>

Docks/undocks a window as a Monitor Panel.


-a - Append to any other dock panel on the specified dock side.
-b - Dock to the bottom.
-l - Dock to the left.
-o - Locks the panel. (Ignored by F2 to toggle panels visibility)
-p - Pins the panel. (Autohide)
-r - Dock to the right.
-sN - Used with -a to split the appending panel into two. (0 = add at the beginning, 1 = add at the end)
-t - Dock to the top.
-u - Undocks/restores the @window to a regular window.


[size] - Width of the new panel if docking a new top/bottom panel, height of the panel if docking a new left/right panel.
<@window> - The window to dock.


alias testdock {
  ; Create a custom window.
  window @test

  ; Dock the custom window as a monitor panel to the left side, appending if there are any other panels.
  dock -al @test

  ; Restores the custom window as a normal window.
  dock -u @test

  ; Docks the custom window as a monitor panel to the top, ignoring any current panels.
  dock -t @test


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