Added in 1.9.0

/drawpic -ihmnotsclgN <@window> [color] <x y [w h]> [x y w h] [N] <filename>


-t - TODO
-s - Indicates that you have specified the first [w h] parameters to squeeze/stretch the bitmap.
-c - Indicates that the bitmap should be cached. This greatly speeds up subsequent references to this bitmap. If you specify -c and the bitmap is already in the cache, it is loaded and used from the cache, otherwise it is reloaded from the file. You can clear the entire cache with /drawpic -c.
-l - TODO
-m - Changes the stretch mode quality when the picture is resized.
-o - Indicates that you have specified the [N] value before the filename, representing the index of the icon in the file.
-gN - TODO
-i - TODO
-h - Highlights the windows icon if it is minimized.
-n - Prevents the display from being updated immediately.


<@window> - The window name to draw.
[color] - If -t is used, the RGB color used for transparency.
<x y [w h]> - The x y coordinates where you want to draw, if -s is used, [w h] is the width/height that will be used to squeeze/stretch the bitmap.
[x y w h] - The area in the picture to be drawn.
[N] - If -o is used, the index number of the picture in the file.
<filename> - The filename for the picture.

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