Added in 1.9.0

/drawrot [-hmnbfcp] <@window> [color] <angle> [x y w h]

Rotates an area of a bitmap by the specified angle.


-h - Highlights the window if it's minimized.
-m - Changes the stretch mode quality when the picture is resized.
-n - Prevents the display from being updated immediately.
-b - Indicates that you have specified the background color value. (The [color] is always in $rgb format)
-f - Fits the newly rotated bitmap into the original width/height.
-c - Centers the rotated image if -f is not specified.
-p - Clips the rotated image.


<@window> - Name of the window to rotate.
[color] - The background color to use if -b is defined.
<angle> - The angle of the rotation.
[x y w h] - The area to rotate.

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