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Notable AdiIRC features. Warning: engrish bellow.


1 - Nick Column

Nick Column feature right aligns automatically the nicks in messages buffer area.
The column can be customized by several ways: Auto expand, width, visible, hidden, locked and color.
See also /nickcolumn && /window -qN.

2 - Search Options

AdiIRC has so many features, with the search field on options interface it does not matter, you always find what you are looking for.
See also Options Dialog, /options, /config, /setoption, /setconfig.

3 - Advanced Highlights

Highlights on AdiIRC has a set of advanced features for total control.
See also Highlights Options.
Limit to specific network; Custom colors, even RGB; Regex for powerful match; Sounds; Tray tip message and run command, both supporting scripting, and more.
Ignore highlights from bad users and specific channels, a must have feature.

4 - System Information

Information about your system hardware is integrated on AdiIRC and fully customizable for quick sharing.
See also Sysinfo Options.
Statusbar bandwidth monitoring widget.

5 - Colors

Extensive colors customization for almost any aspect of GUI interface.
See also Colors Options.
Context menu turns it easy to copy/paste/reset colors.
Support for RGB colors over IRC.
See also Formatting text.

6 - Highlight matching lines when hovering nicks

Excelent feature to follow messages by same user. The colors are customizable.

7 - Custom Fonts Everywhere

Menubar? Editbox? Statusbar? Messages? Every element has it's own config to set custom font.
See also Fonts Options.

8 - Awesome Editbox

Editbox (the field where you type messages, capsche?) on AdiIRC is very powerful. It supports undo after evaluate scripting $identifiers; Can save and restore history for any window over the session; It is possible to merge history of all windows to act as a global unified list; Tabcomplete order and auto suffix append, eg. nick: ; And more.
See also Editbox Options.

9 - Links Control

Control over links where other apps lacks options. Open by single or double click, colors and underline toggle, open in custom browser other than the system default one, prompt before to open.
See also Links Options && /url.

10 - Events Control

Extensive list of most commons irc events for easy control where to display or just suppress them. Global config and per channel is supported.
See also:
Events Options.
Scripting Events.

11 - Auto Update

AdiIRC has built in the ability to check for and auto update to new versions automatically. No pain manual replace files! And if you want permanently to skip the update, just click respective button, then it will notify you only when next version/build is out.
See also Check for updates options && /betaup.

12 - Nick Colors

Nick Colors options
Nick Colors examples
Random nick colors is one of the best features an irc client could have. In AdiIRC two algorithm are available, one based on limited 0-15 mIRC colors, like most other clients, and one more advanced using extended RGB colors palette. Also is possible to define fixed colors for nicks and other various rules such as user status, idle time, etc.
See also Nick Colors Options && $nick.
Random Nick Colors on nicklist Random nick colors applied to nicklist.

13 - Spell Checker

Spell Checker
Spell Checker is a basic feature on AdiIRC, easy to use, manage and download dictionary languages. Add custom words also is supported.
See also Spellcheck.

14 - Powerful Server List Manager

Powerful Server List Manager
ServerList on AdiIRC is very powerful.
- Favorites networks;
- Built in list of popular networks for easy pick;
- Few auto login method, including SASL;
- Delay control for autojoin channels and between joins;
- Option to prioritize IPV6;
- Custom label on treebar;
- Perform commands on connect;
- Auto regain nick;
- Quit message per server;
- Proxy per server;
- Support for all modern type of SSL protocol, even TLS 1.2 and also certificates.
- And much more to discover.
See also Serverlist Dialog, /serverlist.

15 - Now Playing Info

Now Playing Info supported players
Now Playing Info for popular players is integrated on AdiIRC.
See also Media_Player_Options, /np, On SONG && On SONGEND events.
Now Playing Info statusbar widget Statusbar widget, double clicking it send info to active window. An easy way to share to your friends what you are listening.
Now Playing Info output example Channel action output example.
Now Playing Info output tags customization Output is totally customizable by identifiers tags.
Now Playing Info toolbar control buttons Toolbar control buttons for supported players.
Now Playing Info playlist search Playlist search in supported players for quick changing music.

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