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Per Amundsen, 02/11/2014 03:22 PM

Added in 1.9.0

/hadd [-bcmsuNz] <name> <item> [text | &binvar]


-b - Indicates &binvar is set.
-c - Chop the &binvar to first null byte.
-m - Creates the table if it does not exist.
-s - Displays the result.
-uN - Unset the item after N seconds.
-z - Decreases the item once per second until it reaches zero and then unsets it.


<name> - The hash table to add to.
<item> - The hash table item to add to.
[text | &binvar] - The text or &binvar value to add.


; call the setup once
; /abbr_setup
; //echo -a $abbr(lol)
alias abbr_setup {
  ;Populate the table, create it if it does not exist.
  hadd -m abbr lol laughing out load
  hadd abbr omg oh my gosh
  hadd abbr lmao laughing my a?? off
  hadd abbr brb be right back
;Get the abbreviation.
alias abbr return $hget(abbr, $1)

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